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                                                                       HELLO 2020!                                                  HANDMADE IN THE UK

                                                                       Smashing our way into a new decade
                                                                       we’re proud to announce a few new things

                                                                       Six NEW Collections from our newest            include recycled polyester fabrics and ones
                                                                       licensee, House of Turnowsky.  Comprising      that are Global Organic Textile Standard
                                                                       of over fifty designs we know they transform   certified.
                                                                       the ordinary, bring style and beauty to the
                                                                       everyday, and will delight both yours and      When you choose a feather insert, the filling
                                                                       your customers hearts. The cushions come       inside is a re-purposed product from another
                                                                       with a mix of coloured backs, double sided     industry that would ultimately have gone to
                                                                       prints and the option to include piping as     landfill.
                                                                       standard. Plus there are deckchairs and
                                                                       lampshades to complement...                    From January 2020 we will be getting rid
                                                                                                                      of standard plastic bags when we send out
                                                                       And on that note – Aprons & Lampshades!        our cushions.  Instead we will be swapping
                                                                       We can now offer them across all of our        to fully compostable, biodegradable bags to
                                                                       ranges and, as you head through the            protect them in transit.
                                                                       catalogue, you’ll see stunning examples
                                                                       featuring Robert Gillmor, William Morris & the   As we go into the new decade we will
                                                                       House of Turnowsky.  Do let us know what       continue to make changes to make our
                                                                       patterns & designs you’d like to see us do as   endeavours environmentally stronger (and
                                                                       we go forward.                                 let you know when we do) to ensure that
                                                                                                                      we offer the most desirable product to our
                                                                       Finally we also wanted to let you know about   clients alongside the best print reproduction,
                                                                       some of the improvements that we have          fastest turn around times, competitive rates
                                                                       made to reduce the carbon & environmental      and low minimums that you currently enjoy.
                                                                       footprint that Art Cushions produces, and
                                                                       which we believe will benefit our clients as   But for now, sit back and take time to
                                                                       we all strive to make changes in our lives &   enjoy our 2020 brochure with the wealth of
                                                                       businesses:                                    pattern, design, colour & history that we have
                                                                       Our cushions are still handmade in the UK.     available to us.  As always, the designs you
                                                                       And with the knowledge that they are made      see here are just a small example of what
                                                                       with care, attention to detail, and in small   we can do. Please do get in touch if you are
                                                                       production batches we know there is less       looking for something in particular AND if
                                                                                  a r t
                                                                       waste and also a smaller carbon footprint      you are looking for a bespoke solution head
                                                                       than if they were produced abroad.             to Pg 4.
                                                                       We use eco-friendly inks and ethically         Thank you
           From ‘Perfect Day’ Collection – House of Turnowsky          sourced material for our collections. These    Mark & the Art Cushions team


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