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                                                                    GET OUTDOORS!

                                                                                                 For 2020 we’ve expanded our range of deckchairs slings and
                                                                                             outdoor cushions. So whether you’re an avid gardener and love a
                                                                                           classic ‘Botanical’ illustration, are a fan of Robert Gillmor’s beautiful
                                                                                          illustrations, tend to go heady for a William Morris pattern or simply
                                                                                        want a bold splash of design - then welcome to our garden selection.
                                                                                              We’ve even got choices for those who love their London ‘hood’!
                                                                                                                         (See Pg.32 London Transport Museum)

                                                                                                  Our deckchair frames are made with FSC certified Merpauh
                                                                                                 wood, and are treated with teak oil which provides excellent
                                                                                                     protection against the elements, extending their working
                                                                                                    life, and enhancing the natural appearance. The slings are
                                                                                                        made from a hard wearing canvas polyester sail cloth.

                                                                                                                               Drop ship services are available –
                                                                                                            helpful if you haven’t got much stock room space!

          Above: ‘Botanicals’ collection from the Mary Evans Picture
          Library. Nine designs available. See Pg. 18 for full collection         a r t
          Eastern Poppy DCME01, Auricula DCME02                                   cushions
          Right: May Blackcap on blossom by Robert Gillmor
          Blackcap DCME03


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